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Eliane Lee-Schneuwly
0409 759 105
St Lucia & Brisbane, Queensland

Consultations in English or French - Areas of interest: Multiple Sclerosis, auto-immune diseases, chronic degenerative diseases (incl. cardio-vascular & diabetes), neurological disorders, integrative medicine (Enhancement of postive effects and/or alleviation of adverse effects of conventional cancer treatments), musculo-skeletal system, hormonal imbalances.

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What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy involves holistic health care, which means that the focus is not only on acute and visible signs and symptoms, but also the treatment of the whole body, the analysis of the interactions between body systems - as well as the underlying causes of a condition.

What happens during a naturopathic consultation?

A naturopathic consultation involves three steps:

  1. Oral interview: Reviewing presenting concerns, medical history, life style and a general assessment of major body system conditions and interactions.
  2. Dietary analysis: and consideration of a weekly dietary plan.
  3. Rationale & recommendations on supplements:
    Why specific nutritional supplements or herbs are recommended? How they work and how they can help?
  • Optional; Naturopathic Physical Examination; Iris, nail, tongue analysis,
    and specific testing such as zinc level, tissue acidity level, and/or oxidative damage.

    About the practitionner

    Elianes fascination for nutritional biochemistry and the complex interactions between food, nutrients and body systems started in the early 1980s after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) while finishing an Art's degree in French Literature and Modern History, at the University of Fribourg, Switzerland. Determined to become a High School Teacher in spite of this condition and her prognosis at the time, she completed a Master of Arts in 1986, followed by a Diploma of Education in 1987. She subsequently taught in Switzerland and overseas for 15 years, but maintained a passionate interest in diet therapy and nutritional treatment, grateful that this knowledge has helped her overcome MS and lead a normal life. In 2001, shortly after migrating to Australia, Eliane decided to formalise her interest in natural health and started a new career by completing the Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy, followed by a Bachelor of Health sciences in Nutritional Medicine at the Endeavour College of Natural Health (previously known as the Australian College of Natural Medicine (ACNM)) in Brisbane.

Apart from naturopathic and/or nutritional consultation, what can you specifically offer?

I have a keen interest in nutritional biochemistry and interpretation of pathology tests. Lab tests (blood, urine, saliva analysis), especially if done at regular intervals, can provide an excellent profile of existing or potential biochemical imbalances in the body, which may pin-point or predict suboptimal health in the future. In addition to laboratory test analysis, I offer specific testing for heavy metal, oxidative damage, food allergy and tissue acidity levels.

If I am not feeling sick, why should i come to see you?

Are you feeling

  • Aches & Pains,
  • Cold Hands & Feet,
  • Constipated or bloated,
  • Forgetful,
  • Overweight,
  • Overstressed,
  • Shortness of breath,
  • Tired & Irritable,
  • Under-slept,
  • Unmotivated.

Remember than prevention is better than a cure and that your most valuable asset is your health.

What type of supplements do you prescribe?

I prescribe nutrients and herbs in liquid, powder, capsule or tablet forms. I recommend strict quality controlled, products of high absorbability to optimise effectiveness in reaching target cells. The therapeutic effect(s) of products are researched to ensure they have been tested thoroughly in clinical studies or proven effective by age -old traditional use (i.e. herbal medicine).

Qualification Details

  • Bachelor of Health Sciences (Nutritional medicine)
  • Advance Diploma of Naturopathy
  • Post-Grad Diploma of Education
  • Master of Arts
  • Bachelor of Arts (Hons)


  • ANTA (Australian Natural Therapies Association) - The Gawler Foundation (cancer, multiple sclerosis)

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Bachelor of Health Sciences (Nutritional medicine) Advance Diploma of Naturopathy Post-Grad Diploma of Education Master of Arts Bachelor of Arts (Hons)

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